JAR Hand-Dyed Needlepoint Canvas


JAR needlepoint canvases are hand-dyed and colorfast. The canvases are available in 18- and 13-mesh. Individual cuts may be purchased through the Someday Shop and are available in custom cuts, fat quarters and yardage. Wholesale inquires: Please contact Jim or Alison at info@zweigart.com

Current canvases available:

Amorous Amethyst Light

Amorous Amethyst Medium

Amorous Amethyst Dark

Anxious Alligator Light

Anxious Alligator Dark

Bedazzled Blue Medium

Butterfly Blue Medium

Carefree Caribbean Dark

Cherry Cordial Medium

Forest Ferns Medium

Frosty Fir Dark

Fuchsia Fun Dark

Golden Glow Dark

Koral Kiss Light

Laughing Lilacs Medium

Lovely Lips Light

Lusty Lavender Dark [Mottled]

Mystical Midnight Dark

Ocean Spray Blue Light

Pampered Peach Dark

Perfect Pine Dark

Persnickety Peas Medium

Picky Purple Medium

Preening Peacock Medium [Streaky]

Rosetta Red Medium

Seductive Sapphires Medium

Sensuous Sunflowers Medium

September Sky Light

Simply Sunshine Dark

Stormy Seas Dark

Tantalizing Tangerine Dark

Tarty Turquoise Medium

Tenacious Teal Medium

Tenacious Teal Dark

Traumatized Toad Dark

Voluptuous Violet Light


More exciting hand-dyed canvases are arriving weekly. Please check back to see what's new.



Aegean Aqua Medium

Flight Fairy

Fuchsia Fun Medium

Halloween Haunting

Passionate Pink

Patriotic Pride

Swirling Storms

Twixt & Tween